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Postponing your wedding from Summer to Autumn-Winter Throw the rule-book out the window (sort of!)

I know that so many of you have had to postpone your wedding and are now exploring a different season to celebrate your big day. It might seem like a daunting task but there are so many amazing postives to exploring something fresh and new!

Firstly - throw that rulebook out of the window! If you had your heart set on a light, bright and airy wedding full of foliage, greens and pastel hues, and you are now set for an Autumn/ Winter wedding – do not fear. You can keep the light and airy feel, you just need to be a little more creative. So keep your foundations, but just add in details to draw in on the season.


Start from the beginning – the timings of your day. You’ll have the vibrant orange and red tones if towards the end of autumn with the lovely “golden hour” or if edging towards winter time, this will bring dramatic outdoor shots. It does also bring shorter daylight hours – so explore bringing your ceremony forward to allow time to capture those gorgeous family and couple shots.


If part or all of your day was planned for outdoors, discuss available options with your venue. Hopefully you had a “wet weather” Plan B in place should the English summer not have gone to plan, but do explore if you can take your ceremony or drinks reception indoors and whether capacity allows.


If your colour palette was neutral with hints of greenery, keep it… just add a slight pivot with some rich velvet napkins or a dusty rose accent colour for a nod to the season. Work with your florist who will be able to share all of the blooms in season, along with colour palette choice to achieve the final look-and -feel you are in love with.

Encouraging words of guidance from Mary Jane Vaughn – Luxury London Florist

“If your wedding date was in summer, and you had your heart set on summer greens and bright colours – you can design a similar botanical look by exploring the lighter zestier foliages around, and choosing those flowers still available in soft summer colours. In the process of discovering what your new host season has to offer however, you may find that you fall for some of its gems, and as your new exciting wedding evolves, so too may your new dream vision.”

Pink Roses in Winter


Winter time will also provide the opportunity to step up the romance and ambience of your look. You could explore an abundance of candles (real if allowed, or battery operated if venue restrictions) or work with your production company and get creative with lighting. Lighting can be one of the most sensational parts of the day and create a truly romantic look.


What about my wedding dress? Work closely with your designer or boutique team to explore your options – could you have a cape designed, do you need to explore sleeves, or perhaps a warm cover-up? Do you explore a slightly heavier fabric option? Your designer will work with you to find the very best solution, so do not panic. Also bear in mind your choice of shoes – the ground may be wet or snow-covered so ensure you have shoes that allow for those outdoor romantic shots or walking between venue spaces.


If you are open to keeping some of your wedding tones yet drawing in on the updated season, why not be bold and add in a statement tone such as a deep forest green with an accent feature or water glass. Or look to the traditional tawny hues and vibrant amber tones of autumn and work them together with your summer tones for a gorgeous colour combination.


A key part of the day is your menu. You may have already had your tasting and finalised your chosen menu. Ensure you speak with your caterer, as their menus will be reflective of the season. Discuss how best to either adapt your confirmed menu to include the new seasonal produce, or revisit the menu concept to make relevant changes.

If you want to be brave and re-style your wedding day look – do it. Be bold, be inspired and chose what YOU love! Would rich jewel tones work? Could you bring in notes of copper? Enjoy this special extended time gathering your inspiration and work with your suppliers to pull together this new wow-factor look.

Remember, the date, the time and even the wedding venue may have changed BUT at the centre of this is the two of you. Your love-story will be the same, your wedding WILL be amazing and you have the very best day of your lives!

If you’d like help creating your perfect day, or some guidance on re-styling to your new season, do reach out – I would LOVE to hear from you!

Sophie x

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