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  • Sophie Amor

Add personality to your wedding day!

With wedding planning as we know it thrown into disarray in the current climate, time is the one thing that we all now have on our hands - partner this with the creative ideas that continuously flow, I wanted to put together some gorgeous concepts to bring personality and creativity to your day.

Whether your venue is a blank canvas, or there are some beautiful features to work with, there are so many ways of adding elegant touches to your day:


Speak to your guests from the very beginning…Find your voice for the day and make your guests feel welcome with chic and fun signage, guiding them to the fun!



Feature Furniture

There is nothing more gorgeous than stylish furniture inviting your guests to socialise! Style it right and it can play the part as a gorgeous photo back-drop too!

Credits; @bloomsbybevilacqua

Chandeliers and lampshades

Draw your guests’ eyes up! Have fun with the height you have in your venue or marquee to suspend different shapes and sizes of chandeliers and lampshades. You can add texture, colour or keep it simple with one tone but it a fabulous way to add more wow factor to your day.



Height – flower installations

If you want to create that wow-factor with florals but your tables are just not going to lend themselves to the look you want to create, why not look to suspend your florals! Creating a high-impact and memorable look, as well as allowing for fabulous photography, ensure you work with your planner, florist and venue to establish your options and then let the flowers do the talking!


Feature arches

Do not overlook the backdrop to your vows! Having the perfect feature backdrop will provide you with the most gorgeous setting to say your vows, allow for incredible photo opportunities and provide a wonderful welcome to your guests as they find their seats for the ceremony. Be bold, add personality and choose florals that mean something to you both.



Chair styling

Whether you are looking to bring in more of the accent colour, soften the room or add a little more elegance, soft chair drapes with a small floral detail can really transform a room.


Photo walls

Wedding guests love to see snap-shots of you both, a little insight into your younger selves, memories of when you first met, the adventures you have been on together and the fun you have had. Or can you find a picture of you with each of your guests? There are lots of wonderful ways to showcase pictures on your wedding day, so with a little organisation and searching for those perfect pictures, you can be creative with your displays…


If you’d like help adding personal touches or a little creative wow-factor to your wedding day, do reach out – I would LOVE to hear from you!

Sophie x

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